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August 10th, 2016
A tiebreaker vote is being held for our new logo! Additionally, one new logo was added to the list. Go cast your vote!

Logo Tiebreaker & Website Updateposted by LukeZaz

The logo vote came and went, and the results are in; the winner is... nobody!

Due to a three-way tie, a tiebreaker vote is now being held. In addition to the three entries that tied, one new submission has been added as a newer version of one of the submitted logos. Go place your votes!

Finally, the website has been updated. The look and layouts have been improved, some back-end improvements got added, and the About page is nearly done! There's also more purple, in case you're into that sorta thing.

Update: The About page has been updated again with even more content. Additionally, thanks again to Skeletwig for re-writing the group description!

Binary Star Gaming is here!posted by LukeZaz

The rebranding is nearly complete! We've finally gotten our new name, and multiple upgrades are coming with it:

New Website

While still under construction, the new website (the one you're on right now) is now live! Space backgrounds and fancy navigation buttons await you in this server-banner-filled new home of the network!

Besides the new look, the website will also now have a sidebar with the status of many of our most popular servers! Alongside being able to see the player counts of these servers, you can also join our Discord and Teamspeak servers at any time using the buttons present.

Additionally, the Servers page has been heavily redesigned for the new site. The new version now displays servers in a concise and more unique fashion, with important information immediately available and greater detail just a click away.

New Forums

We've re-created and improved the structure of our forums. Unused sections have been removed and similar forums condensed, with new areas being added as well. The result is a better formatted forum to post your applications, feedback and hat collections.

Besides that, a custom style is currently in development for the forum, and the possibility of custom extensions are also being looked in to, so look forwards to further updates!

Team Fortress 2 Payload Server

Team Fortress 2 is fun, however waiting on downloads is not. With this in mind, we've begun hosting a vanilla Payload server! With no random crits, mods or ads to encounter, this server exists solely to provide a simple, enjoyable experience. Bots are also added during times of low activity so there's always something to fight, and maps that otherwise would not have bot support have had it custom made for them so they can remain in rotation!

Official Logo Contest

While our name is decided, our logo is not. We'd like to fix that, and we'd like our members to help!

Any member of our network is welcome to submit a logo to our forums to be voted on after the contest ends on July 23rd. Once the vote is over, the winner will receive $20 in Steam items (be those CS:GO skins, TF2 weapons, or games) and their submission will become the official network logo.


  • Don't be a dick
  • Don't copy someone elses work
  • Submission must be original work, and any assets used in its creation must be in the public domain
  • Multiple submissions are fine, but only one post per person
  • Submission must have a transparent background and have dimensions greater than or equal to 1000x1000, and must be in .png, .pdf or .psd format.

Finally, don't forget to come back and vote on the logos you like. We look forwards to seeing what you create!